Shirodhara: the Flowing of Oil like a Thread {dhara} on the Head  

This treatment allows warm oil to flow in a steady stream on the third eye (6th chakra) located on the forehead and over the top of the head (crown chakra).

Shirodhara rejuvenates both the mind and the senses, which allows the body's natural healing mechanisms to release stress from the nervous system and improve mental clarity and comprehension.
  • Shirodhara is a profound mind-melting, sacred treatment using medicinal ayurvedic oils, sometimes followed or preceded by massage.
  • Shirodhara therapy is suitable as a stand alone service, or combined with other treatments such as body wraps, salt glows, massage, dry brushing or steam therapy.
  • During PanchaKarma, a traditional Ayurvedic cleansing therapy, Shirodhara is usually given for twenty minutes, daily during a five-day treatment period. It uses oils made with special herbs that calm and nourish the nervous system.
  • The technician administers the liquid in a thin stream which flows from a copper vessel hung approximately 6-8 inches above the patient's forehead.
  • This therapy takes about one hour. The actual flow of oil takes 30 minutes
Shirodhara is meant for eliminating diseases of head and Vata disorders affecting neck, eyes, ears, nose, and nervous system. It helps overcome stress and its effects on the nervous system. 

It also helps relieve insomnia, stress, tension, anxiety, anger, chronic headaches, rheumatism, hypertension, asthma, hair problems, and gives mental relaxation. Shirodhara is curative as well as rejuvenating process as it eliminates lots of diseases and improves vitality.