One of the methods used by Satish being an Ayurveda specialist, is that he checks pulse of the individual during the examination in order to reveal weak or imbalanced body parts, and such organs which are actually or contingently problematic.

Individual is told about what must be done for treatment purposes if he is sick, or otherwise for avoiding sickness depending upon the pulse status. He is first recommended a diet list which would eliminate any physiological imbalances. While doing this, Satish takes into consideration body type of the individual, and degree of deterioration in type as well as the degree of existing imbalance. Individual is told about foodstuffs to be consumed less and which ones to be consumed much depending upon the seasonal period as well as the lifestyle of individual.

Second most important point recommended to the individual during consultation is a daily routine called Dinackarya. To live the day in accordance with rhythms and rules of the nature is one of the most important rules for having a healthy life. Acting in contrary to these rhythms may cause formation and settlement of physiological imbalances, and thus lead to sickness in the course of time. Therefore harmony with natural rhythms and correct daily routine are of utmost importance for a healthy life.

One of the most important recommendations made to the individual during Ayurvedic consultation is Ayurvedic herbal supplements which are intended to strengthen weak body parts. Being manufactured through special formulations with curative herbs cultivated in a pure environment these compounds are used safely, and strengthen weak body parts in order to avoid from possible diseases.

Satish would recommend the most suitable compound with the correct instructions for use. Patients suffering from severe diseases should use these compounds in order to supplement the medical treatment, to diminish side effects there of, and avoid from recurrence of the disease.Among other important methods recommended to the individual during consultation are individual-specific massages, and useful physiological purification cures [Pancha Karma].

Toxins which lead to diseases and ageing are excreted, and weak body parts are strengthened by means of effective natural methods.

EXAMINATION BY PULSE (Nadivigyan Method)

This is the most important technique of Ayurvedic check-up. Satish, being specialist of this method, determines body type of the individual by checking the pulse, and may also determine actual or contingent diseases at the basic level. Unavailability of a complaint does not necessarily mean that the individual would not suffer from any disease in future, or there is no weakness which is not perceived by the individual.

Deep roots of any disease may only be revealed at the vibration level during the examination by pulse. Thus, the protective approach can be realized which is an important step in treatment. It is the most wise approach to prevent any disease prior to its occurrence. Determination of the problems during activity of tissues and organs at the vibration level allows use of supplements which may strengthen such body part. Elimination of the imbalance at the weak part allows prevention of the disease, and pain, thus allows a long and happy life.